Inner Strength – My Preference of Training Facilities

As Far as Training Facilities go, Inner Strength (IS) Gets My Vote

Never before has there been such a demand for training facilities as we draw ever closer to 2020. We live in the ‘information age’ and consequently suffer the physical effects of our era. So, those seeking to capitalise are becoming more prolific and seem to be offering unrealistic packages promising the world. These incredible deals can come at an unexpected and generally unforeseen cost. Whilst there are some who are in it for the right reasons, they tend to be the exception.  Hence, one of the reasons why I like to train my ‘personal trainee’s’ out of the Inner Strength Performance Centre in Richmond, Nelson.

Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, we live in a capitalistic society. I ‘cut my teeth’ in a corporate gym that payed ‘lip service’ to improving the health and fitness of our nation. The truth is their only true motivation was to better their bottomline. As a result, unattainable targets were the expected norm. Consequently, corners were cut and an inferior service was provided. A decline in team moral (unless an exceptional team leader was in place) was a common occurrence. Ultimately the members failed to receive the necessary care they needed to get decent results.

What constitutes good training facilities?

Although the guys at IS aren’t in it solely for the love of it, their facility is member focused. In fact, they place a great emphasis on developing a culture conducive to getting results. I love the atmosphere and not only enjoy coaching my own ‘trainees’ there, but also practicing my own fitness regimen. I particularly like the supportive environment expressed not only by the staff, but also amongst the members.

The quality is a direct result of the vision from the owners, Hayden Brown and Zane Lawrence. I know… what a ‘suck up’ right? But if the old adage stands that “crap filters down”, which I’ve had the misfortune of experiencing in the more corporate style gym, then it makes sense that the opposite has a profound impact too.

Moreover, as cliché as it may sound, they have a vision that redefines the ‘holistic approach’ to health, fitness and wellness. I too share very similar ideas and believe in addressing …different qualities that make up a balanced human experience* which are necessary for getting optimum results for our members and trainees.

More reasons I’m not going to bore you with…

So, there are quite a number of other reasons why I choose to coach out of IS. I mean a great example is their clever collaboration with Dr Cindy de Villiers and Dr Kyle Neeley. However, for the sake of sounding long winded, the culture of an establishment goes a long, long way and is worth so much more than materialistic considerations. With that said, I have no trouble confidently recommending folks to check it out.

Hope to see you there 🙂

*Extract taken from Inner Strength’s mission and purpose statement.

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